Garry Vacuum - I purchashed this vacuum 3yrs ago and Im on my second one the bags are free but they charge u for shipping.

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The first vacuum started smoking the second one just wont pick up and I have cleaned out the entire system. Its a rip off.

This will be my third vacuum which I wont purchase another replacement dont do it. If there warranty was worth anything there wouldnt be a complaint form.

They get you by promising free bags and free replacement there is nothing free about this product do yourself a favor and dont buy it you will be sorry if you purchase this vacuum. If they were you would still see the infomercial on television it is no longer on.

This person wrote the review because of warranty issue of garry vacuum vacuum cleaner from Garry Vacuum. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $600 and wants Garry Vacuum to issue a full refund.

The most disappointing in user's experience was product. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

Also, this reviewer considered the following company: Oreck. We collected other reviews about products and/or services offered by Garry Vacuum for you to read. This information may help you with your purchase decision.

Vacuum bags on backorder for months for Garry Vacuum

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Ok this lightweight vacuum works fine and I like it because of the weight, the first one broke after 1 yr and they replaced it with a new one for $50. I was getting bags every 3 months and then they stopped.

We called several times and they say bags are backordered, it has been months now. Cannot use vacuum because no bags and cannot purchase them anywhere except through them, which I shouldn't have to because they are supposed to be supplied for free for the lifetime of the vacuum.

How can you have a vacuum company with no bags?

Obviously them made money up front on the vacuums and then something happened and now they have no bag supplier. We wanted to pick up a belt because ours broke, they said we could not do that, it took 3 weeks to get even though they have an address less than 10 miles from our home, something is fishy here....

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I found some size A bags on amazon

Garry Vacuum - Vac runs at half speed

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Customer service
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called company and after 30 min of trying to explain to them what was wrong, the old $50 trick what a load of ***!!!!! I will not buy any more junk that they make any more.

I also will not to a rep. that cannot speak plain English.

I think they should not be aloud to sell this type of junk in the USA. we wasted out hard earnd money on this pile of junk then cannot get any sadisfaction out of them I wish we had never looked at their ad on the tv that day Ihope they get taken in to court and get hung up

Review about: Defective Vacuum Cleaner.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Garry Vacuum - Cheap plastic parts - no parts replacement - BAD COMPANY!! DON"T BUY !!!!

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We purchesed this Garry - wish never did - vacuum and the function knob broke off on top of vacuum . Called Garry and told us they can not send the knob but if we pay 50 dollar shipping + we send ours back for an other 50 dollar they will send a new one .

INSANE !!! We are talking about a max. 5 dollar worth of knob !!!! Get it ???

What a waste !!!! Time and money - this kind of companies should be shot down forever!! Period - this is nothing else but the typical scam !!! Who's looking out for this kind of abuse ????

I guarantee like anything else this vacuum also manufactured in China and cost max 25 dollar - and these "Garry - type of companies taking people for a ride !! Shame on you Garry !!!! I will contact to BBB !!! NEVER BUY GARRY VACUUM !!!


RIP OFF !!! SCAM !!!!

Review about: Garry Vacuum Cleaner.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $150.


Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1327854

We have had our Garry vacuum for 7years .. When we first got it there was a defect.

Garry replaced no question paid all shipping. We have had no problems till 2days ago broke the floor hose changing knob. I called today to find out Garry is no longer in business. I love the vacuum.

Now have to find parts and bags. Don't want to have to give up me sweeper...

Garry Vacuum - Pissed Off

Troy, Michigan 1 comment
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Ordered the Garry and loved it at first now it is broke will not pick up anything and I called Customer Service they say they do not have a record of me buying the Garry but show that I got Bags for the thing GIVE ME A BREAK! they have cheated me out of my money!

And I'm PISSED OFF! I just want my money back or else replace the dam thing! sick of getting the run around. Have tried to many times to get this fixed and I'm really tired of this.


Review about: Garry Vacuum Cleaner Gl100.

Monetary Loss: $150.



The same thing happened to me, they have no record of me buying the vacume only bags. I truly dont know how the fair trade commission has not stepped in or they havent had a class action lawsuit brought against them.

Garry Vacuum - Garry replacement vacuum cleaner

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I was just looking at my replacement Garry vacuum that was a replacement for the guaranteed for life one. I had this replacement and it works worse than the other.

I noticed that it is a refurbished and they even electrical tapped it to hold a piece on. Please , save yourself some heartache and do not buy.

It will not vacuum nothing up and to call the Garry and have to deal with the rude customer service who don't speak English and refuse to let you speak to someone. I ask repeatly and they hung up on me.

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Monetary Loss: $500.

Garry Vacuum - It has done a good job

Knox, Indiana 0 comments

We have owned two Garry vacuums. The first vacuum broke in about two months after the vacuum picked up a dime.

We sent the vacuum back for a replacement and, of course, had to pay the shipping fee. The replacement vacuum was the platinum edition and it has been operating well for the past two years.

It does not have the suction that some vacuums have but the sweeper brush seems to do a good job of kicking up the dirt into the vacuum. When I use the vacuum it seems to do a pretty good job of cleaning. Also, I have never seen a vacuum that does a better job of picking up dirt in corners. It is excellent for that.

I do not have the complaints that some people do about the vacuum. We had to have it replaced but after that, for us, it has done a good job.

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Garry Vacuum - Don't buy Gary Vaccum..Scam!!!!

Cicero, Illinois 0 comments

I purchased this vacuum in 2/2010 and after few months the vaccuum started to smoke and make a loud noise. I tried to open it to see if it was the belt, which was intack, but it kept making the extremely, unbearable loud motor noise.

I called Gary, to see if I can get it repaired and they told me they would send a new one for a low fee of $50 for shipping and handling, in addition to the shipping and handling I would have to pay to ship the broken one back after I recieve the new one. I was pissed. I told the Cust Serv Rep, I can purchase a new $50 vacuum cleaner with a 2 yr warranty near home for that much.

Anyway don't be like me and get scammed. I usually don't purchase things from TV advertisement, and won't again.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Garry Vacuum easy fix for broken fan

Fort Collins, Colorado 6 comments
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Garry will not sell spare parts. I will not spend $50 or more for warranty replacement of vacuum.

I f the fan or impeller breaks, the Oreck 097530001 works just fine. It appears to be made in the same mold of a different plastic. $10-$25 on the web with or without shipping. Purchased locally for $12.95.

Diagnosis took 15 minutes. Repair took 10 minutes.

I will leave the complaints and emotions to others. I do feel this vacuum is overpriced. The customer service e-mail response was quick.

I was not satisfied with no spare parts available.

I saw a comment on the web that it appeared that the Garry was a copy of Oreck. The part above is used in most of the Oreck uprights.

Review about: Gl100.



I've sent it in twice for the impeller after only using it a few times each time. No more.

Tampa, Florida, United States #664946

Ok Dave the Tech, I got the part, I got the tools,what I can't get is into the last bit of the motor to put the NEW IMPELLER IN!!!!!!

HOW do you do it?! I got the nut holding the impeller on thinking that was what was holding the drive shaft to the housing.

It was but once the shaft slipped free the busted impeller is now trapped in the housing! It has the plastic on the intake side but it has no ability to be removed( no twist lock,etc) and the interior side is metal fitted tightly into the plastic housing. I have tried to remove the metal side like it looks in my Oreck repair kit picture but it won't budge!!

Any tips or tricks to free the dead fan so I can get the new one in? PLEASE HELP!!!!!

to tina #666092

I do not remember what the motor looks like. It has been over a year. If you send me a photo, I will give advise dmp24 @

to tina Palm Coast, Florida, United States #973078

its simple just bang on the impeller with the other end of a screwdriver and the metal will pop out releasing the fan

to AAA VACUUM #1179712

This information was REALLY helpful, worked perfectly, didn't want to start banging away out of concern for deforming the metal piece. Now I can replace the impeller itself and not the whole unit. This was the only place on the entire web that had this information on how to get impeller out so thank you for posting it.


had the exact thing happen to me. Yes, they will replace after over $100 for shipping and handling.

What a joke. Do NOT buy this product

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Garry Vacuum

Newark, New Jersey 0 comments
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Vacuum is a decent one for price. Problem is phony warranty.

I have had one unit replaced free but after a piece broke off on new unit they want $50 to replace it. Warranty states replacement free even if not customers fault. False advertising. Their customer service department will argue with you without hesitation if you bring up the free replacement argument.

The piece that broke off ended up jamming the motor and the unit stopped functioning.

With my first replacement I had the new unit in one week and under terms of warranty. They appear to just want to sell and not honor their written obligations.

Review about: Upright Vacuum Cleaner.

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